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Your pregnancy is one of the most memorable, transformative times of your life. You deserve to have a doctor walk alongside you who takes the time to answer your questions and make sure you feel comfortable and prepared. Hayat Jawadi, DO, FACOG, started Premier Ob/Gyn and Med Spa so she could do exactly that. If you’re looking for a caring, dedicated obstetrician, call her office in Henderson, Nevada.

Pregnancy Q & A

What should I look for in an obstetrician?

Pregnancy is unique for every woman. Finding the best obstetrician for your specific needs comes down to finding someone who invests the time to understand them. At Premier Ob/Gyn and Med Spa, Dr. Jawadi takes time with her patients. She never just “pops in” to do the bare minimum. You can expect her to join you on your journey to deliver a healthy baby, with the birth experience you envision.

Beyond being a dedicated, involved obstetrician, Dr. Jawadi also offers her patients a range of services, including:

  • Comprehensive prenatal care, including antenatal monitoring
  • Convenient in-office ultrasounds
  • Attended vaginal delivery
  • Cesarean section (C-section)
  • Vaginal birth after C-section (VBAC), including education and counseling
  • Postnatal care

What is antenatal monitoring?

Do you ever wish you could just see what’s going on inside your belly? Do you worry that your baby is growing and healthy? Dr. Jawadi uses antenatal monitoring — also known as prenatal monitoring — to put those fears to rest.

During antenatal monitoring, she uses advanced medical tools to essentially check on your baby, ensuring he or she is healthy. That includes checking the heart rate. Monitoring your baby’s heart rate on a regular basis is an excellent way to check your baby’s overall health, as changes in the heart rate or heart rate pattern signal issues as they arise.

Is my pregnancy normal?

It’s extremely common for women to wonder if their pregnancy symptoms are normal or a cause for concern. Unique food cravings, changes in sleep patterns, and mood changes can all mark your first trimester. Knowing that they’re all normal — and knowing what to expect next — alleviates a lot of the stress that comes with pregnancy.

Dr. Jawadi is dedicated to giving her patients the education and support they need. At every turn, she’s available to help her patients understand the changes in their bodies while answering any questions that arise. If you want an expert on your side and by your side during your pregnancy, Dr. Jawadi and her dedicated team at Premier Ob/Gyn and Med Spa are ready to serve you.

To learn more about their pregnancy services or to set up your appointment, call Premier Ob/Gyn and Med Spa.